United States and the European Union

United States and the European Union

The United States and the European Union have criticized right Israeil

United States and the European Union

The United States and the European Union have criticized comments made by Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir, who belongs to the far-right, stating that his right to life is more important than the Palestinians’ right to move freely in the occupied West Bank.

United States and the European Union

A spokesperson from the US State Department strongly condemned Minister Ben Gvir’s remarks, calling them racist and destructive. They emphasized that such statements are especially harmful when coming from leaders. President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken have emphasized that both Israelis and Palestinians should have equal freedom and security.

The European Union also expressed strong condemnation, asserting that all individuals should be treated equally and fairly.

Ben Gvir, speaking on Israel’s Channel 12, asserted that his right, along with his wife and children’s rights, to move around the streets of the West Bank was of greater importance than the movement rights of Arabs. He directed his remarks, including the phrase “excuse me, Mohammed,” towards Palestinian-Israeli journalist Mohammed Magadli, who was present during the interview.

Ben Gvir’s political party, the far-right Jewish Power party, garners support mainly from Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank. Notably, Ben Gvir himself is a settler.

The European Union, in its criticism of Ben Gvir’s comments, reiterated that settlements are considered illegal under international law. They stated that settlements pose obstacles to achieving peace and could hinder the possibility of a two-state solution. Israel’s position is that the settlements are not illegal, as they view the West Bank as disputed rather than occupied territory.

The United States has consistently voiced its concern that settlements in the area captured by Israel in 1967 obstruct the path to peace. The Palestinians’ desire is for the West Bank to be part of their future state.

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed strong condemnation of Minister Ben Gvir’s remarks, describing them as racist and abhorrent. They accused Israel’s leadership of promoting hatred, using provocative language, and perpetuating violence against the Palestinian people over many years. The Ministry called for sanctions against Ben Gvir and other Israeli officials for inciting violence, contributing to persecution, and causing destruction. They view these actions as a source of escalating violence on an unprecedented scale.Tags#United States and the European Union

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